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Entertainment wall furniture
Entertainment wall furniture

Modern Wall Units – The Stylish Entertainment Centers of Today

Designed with a specific lifestyle in mind, these appliances are built to match and not only complement your home.  When shopping for these modern systems, these home entertainment staples are categorized into two important factors: Color and movable. Whether you are tinkering of playing with a TV stand to create a super clean minimalist aura or wall-mounted units for an ultra modern finish, there is a sure appliance that can match your creative requirement.

How To Select The Perfect Entertainment Wall Unit For Your Home

Living room wall units are designed in such a way that it compliments the entire look of the room well and also serves its purpose. The entertainment wall unit is the perfect instance of such a purchase. TV wall units are versatile pieces of furniture, coming in all varieties of styles, shapes, and colors. Entertainment wall furniture is designed to house your home theater, with the television as the crown jewel. You want this piece of furniture to compliment your television perfectly. If you’re furnishing a small room, you should probably purchase a smaller entertainment wall unit so that it doesn’t monopolize your room.

These units come in all different sizes, so it’s easy to find the perfect size for any space. When selecting a TV wall unit keep in mind that little details can make a big difference. From there, locating the perfect entertainment wall unit should be a breeze.

Modern wall units
Modern wall units

The wall units should line up with the same size unit below. Now the position of the plates on the wall needs to be worked out to allow the units to hang at the correct height. Then transfer this measurement to the wall starting at the drawn line on the wall showing the tops of the wall units and measuring down.

If at the end there is no stud to secure it then fit a high load plasterboard fixing called a hollow wall anchor. Tip. The hanging bracket plate that fixes to the wall usually has 3 slotted holes. Sometimes, as there is only a limited space at the back of a wall unit, you can only trim away a maximum of 10mm so if the wall is running out of plumb by more than that, the wall unit will need to come off the wall to level it.

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