Creating a Workspace at Home

Work without having become stuck or do not need to go in the morning and return the evening is the dream of the workers. This can be realized by creating a workspace at home. The first thing to support your work optimally at home is to make proper workspace design.


It should be considered when creating the workspace include:

Layout Workspace
You may be used to do work in bed, family room or dining room. Work on the room would make it difficult for you to concentrate on the job can lead not complete properly. In addition, it can interfere with other family members who need the room. So, should be made a special room to work.
You can take advantage of the empty space that is unused or unused bedroom. The rooms were required to work should not be too large, which is important enough to put tables and chairs. Even the area under the stairs can also be suitable as a fairly comfortable work space (see illustration at the beginning of the article). If the room is large enough, you can add shelves and books as well as a variety of decorations that suit your character and can make you feel comfortable.

Work space should have good air circulation. It would be better if the room has good ventilation openings. If necessary, can be installed air conditioning (AC). Make sure the air conditioning capacity according to the size of the room. Air circulation is important for the room to be comfortable to work.
In addition to air circulation, it is also important pay attention to the circulation of people. If any employee, entrance workspace should be different from the entrance of the house. Work space should also be accessible directly from the terrace of the house, without the need to go first into the house. Read more Creating a Workspace at Home

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