5 Tips for Fresh View in Bathroom

your bathroom design is getting fresh with the tips below.

Summer approached most of Indonesia often makes residents feel hot during the day or night. It usually affects the skin that was smooth becomes dry, itchy or even (prickly heat).

bathroom ideas design
bathroom ideas design

Some people cope with the hot and sultry with shower or just wash my face. This may indeed be one of the best ways to re-invigorating the body. In addition to the freshness of the water bath, a sort of design you can also add freshness. Do not believe? 5 tips are able to exude freshness in the bathroom area during the summer without complicated.

Put a colorful curtain

Put a colorful curtains in your bathroom. With only change the curtains, you provide a refreshing view without having to do a massive makeover.

Bright display of towels

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