Traditional loveseats
Traditional loveseats

Small Living Room Space Savers: Using Loveseats to Draw the Eye

Usually loveseats complete a living room set without taking up too much space. As probably the largest piece of furniture in the room, loveseats play a pivotal role in the look of the entire living space.  Manufactures and designers are also promoting the loveseats rather than the traditional sofas and armchairs.

Sofas & Loveseats – A Guide to the Most Popular Styles Available

Many people now having less living area they are unable to fit in a sofa and two chairs, so the sofa & loveseat combo is being marketed as a possible alternative. Also the loveseat option is popular for those living with small rooms in cities.

Keep other furniture simple and coordinate them with the room’s color rather than stand out like the loveseat. Don’t be tempted to give your small living room a dark paint job even if you think loveseats look best in pale upholstery. By cleverly positioning them in the room, your living space will feel even larger.

Versatile Design Options

Loveseats are small enough to provide seating in a variety of settings. Reclining loveseats are perfect for home movie theaters too, providing a sense of intimacy, yet allowing plenty of personal space.

How to Buy a Great Loveseat

Type of loveseats
Type of loveseats

Do not buy any piece of furniture without knowing it will fit. Aside from being the right scale for seating in small rooms, loveseats are pleasingly proportioned in and of themselves. Sofas and loveseats often look better together than a sofa alone.

As seating for one, a loveseat provides all the comfort and options of an oversized chair, with a lot more style. Sofas and loveseats are often offered as sets, sometimes with coordinating tables and chairs. In a studio apartment, a convertible loveseat saves valuable living space.

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