DIY: Storage Space-saving Wall

DIY wall storage

DIY wall storage

The one of the obstacles to stay in an apartment or small house is small room for the storage of goods. The problem can be solved by making storage efficient place like this wall.

A room with a good arrangement of goods is essential for occupancy. That requires enough storage to store your stuff. Cabinets can indeed be a solution. But for an apartment or a small house, too much closet can make a space seem crowded.

To save space, you can try to create and use a storage wall for the sake of organizing stuff.

Make storage walls you can do yourself. Prepare only scrap wood box at home and follow the easy ways below.

Tools and materials need to be prepared:

– Used wood box (can be find in the barn house or buy it at a flea market)

– White acrylic paint

– Bright blue acrylic paint (or other colors according to taste)

– Sandpaper

– Paint brushes

– Long Newspapers

– Scissors

– Double-tape

– Patterned papers

Once ready, go ahead, start creative by following these steps:

DIY wall storage 2
DIY wall storage 2

1. Blend first wooden box with sandpaper

DIY wall storage 3
DIY wall storage 3

2. Start to paint a wooden box with white acrylic paint as the base color. You do not need to paint the inside of the back of each box is small, because later it will be part of the glue for patterned paper attached. Then, let the paint dry.

DIY wall storage 4
DIY wall storage 4

3. Paint the wooden box with blue acrylic paint or your favorite color.

4. Measure each section of the box. After that the pieces of patterned paper has been provided in accordance with the size of each box.

5. Paste pieces of paper to the inside back of the small boxes with double-tape. Try not to stick to the paper with the same motif on the box that is located in a row, so the look of your walls more attractive storage.

DIY wall storage 5
DIY wall storage 5

6. Storage wall you were ready to use. It’s time to put the goods or your collection, such as alarm clock, perfume, or a favorite display.

Many of the benefits that arise after making storage simple wall like this. First, efficient place and the second is economical costs. Interested to try?

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