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Cheap Futon Mattress
Cheap Futon Mattress

What Qualities Should You Look for When Buying a Futon Bed Mattress?

Buying a futon mattress is a great choice. It isn’t the frame of a futon bed than provides the comfort; it’s the futon bed mattress. If you haven’t yet bought your futon bed you should be aware that futon beds come in two forms; bi-fold and tri-fold. A bi-fold futon bed folds the mattress in half whereas a tri-fold futon bed folds the mattress into thirds. This means that a tri-fold futon bed mattress isn’t as thick or as supportive as a bi-fold futon bed. A futon bed mattress can be defined with the following qualities: weight, firmness, rigidity, and flexibility.

Rigidity of a futon bed mattress is more important when the futon is being used mainly as a sofa. Futon bed mattresses are made from a variety of materials. However a futon bed mattress made from cotton and polyester is quite flexible. The futon mattress of a futon bed is usually not as thick as a regular bed mattress, and can be filled with foam, cotton, innersprings, polyester and/or viscoelastic foam.

What To Look For When Choosing A Futon Bed Mattress

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