8 Things How to Make Bookshelf

Make bookcase is not arbitrary. Eight things to consider in order seeing the bookshelf becomes cool. Because the book is also a beautiful decoration tool for a dwelling, And will be more beautiful, if you give more attention to the storage media.


Wherever you put a bookshelf, make sure the proper proportion with the other decorations was carried by the theme of the room. Do not be so at odds with the theme because it will actually worsen the display space.

To that end, here’s eight things, can include tips, tricks, and techniques that you need to pay attention, to generate cool bookshelf into your home.

1. Attach the wall paint color. You are using a rack just a piece of wood, trying to paint the back of your bookshelf. Choose muted colors such as light blue to look cool.

2. Maximize space. If in a room there is a side that is “neglected”, then you can use to put a bookcase. However, do not forget to adjust the shape of the rack with the position of the “neglected” is.

3. Make it high into the air. If you want to add a dramatic atmosphere to a room, make a high book shelves almost to the ceiling. Add the stairs to pick up a book that was on the top shelf, is once again creating a classic look cool on occupancy.

4. The dual function of a rack. Built – in bookshelves is the right rack used to frame your favorite books at a time television. It is also a great way to add the functionality of a space – can be used for the reading room at the same time viewing space.

5. Add the reading corner. Make a seat facing the window between two large bookshelves. This can be a fun spot to read your favorite books.

6. Provide a splash of color. If you prefer white walls and furniture, you can still add some color into a room with a bookcase filled with books that are colorful.

7. Small shelf is quite useful. If you do not have the money or space for a large rack, shelf unit small low-cut can also do the trick. Stacks vertically and horizontally as the easiest way exerts a force on the bookshelf. Area vintage goods shelf also adds to the cool room.


8. Bookshelf decoration at the same place. Why should choose to put a bookcase or decorations on the wall, when you can have both? Leave a gap in the middle rack and display of paintings in it, the visual appearance of a space even more attractive.

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